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Asignment 5 - Essay Example

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Therefore, I would format the paper in accordance to recognized standards of writing by stating the reference topic immediately after the date. For instance, the…
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Asignment 5
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Download file to see previous pages Formatting the proposal letter would also include including final remarks and salutations at the end. For instance, I would conclude the letter by writing ‘yours in service’ followed by restating my position within Artifice and signature. In addition, I would conclude the letter by restating the topic and emphasizing on ethical advantages of joining corporate responsibility officer association. The aforementioned essentials are imperious in maintaining professionalism and avoidance of questions regarding potential mistakes (Anderson 625).
I would also ensure that I always restate theme of the proposal letter throughout the essay. Repetition of fundamental points in a proposal letter is essential in reminding readers and audience of its intent. In addition, restating subject of the letter would help sustain patience and provoke readers’ meditation over topic in question.
It would also be imperious to employ emotional and present tense language besides using general pronouns. Emotionally persuasive language would entail reminding listeners and readers that they remain fundamental decision makers to whether Artifice would join corporate responsibility officer association. For instance, I would start the initial sentence by writing that ‘I am writing to propose that we as loyal and committed members of Artifice Incorporation join CROA’. It would also be essential to correct grammatical mistakes within the letter for example change Artifice Incorporated to Artifice ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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