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Therefore, I would arrange the tasks in a systematic manner to ensure that the tasks make a chronological sense according to the task priority. Such arrangement would…
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Make it more persuasive
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Download file to see previous pages Another aspect to consider while making the proposal more convincing is ensuring that the project is the head of the program. The main reason for a project to be ahead of schedule is to ensure that there would enough time to make amendments before the deadline in case of any anomaly. However, I would ensure that the costs are reasonable and leave a generous allowance just in case the prices changes. Consequently, the proposal should indicate any unexpected good or bad news (Sant 2012).
Nevertheless, to ensure that the plan incorporates all the above elements, I have to ensure that the proposal is attractive, and it should reflect the actual project. Moreover, I would use an authoritative tone and avoid a casual appearance of the project. Similarly, I would use a positive accent while writing the proposal. While stating figures of the costs, I would support the generalizations with facts. For example, I would provide facts for the revenues of the corporation and the membership dues. There should be a proper balance between tasks: the tasks, which the project has accomplished, and the ones that should be accomplished. Finally, a summary and the appraisal should be independent; I would ensure they satisfy the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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