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Ex-pensioners and Attitude - Essay Example

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The focus of this report is to look at the stereotypes given to the ex-prisoners, the attitudes of the employers towards them and their limited opportunities in the business world. It also suggests different actions to be done in order to address this phenomenon.
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Ex-pensioners and Attitude
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Download file to see previous pages Due to this reason, they are rejected by most members of society and brand them as dangerous people, who do not deserve any respectable position in the society, even though they were cleared and already served their punishments. This notion to them prevents their employment because most of the companies require criminal background check (Table 1) due to the misconceptions and expected behaviors to them. (Table 2) Although some accept them, but they are forced to sign contract and deals that costs them additional taxes and expenses.
By looking at their situation, we can see that Ex-prisoners' are discriminated by the society especially in finding a decent jobs because of their notion that they are still dangerous and they can't be trusted. This perception prevented them from looking for a better scenario where they can use their skills and talents freely. But, if we look at the other side of this perspective, we can see that one of the factors that affected their attitude and behaviors is the society's impact to their daily experiences. Other people had attached new meanings to their actions that are why they view the society as hopeless and no opportunity at all resulting to more crimes. Most often than not, they belong to the lower class of socio-economic status. (SES) this involvement limits them to spread a wider horizon in exploring their capabilities in the job market.
The purpose of this study is to develop a persuasive communication to eliminate or at least lessen the biases, stereotypes, negative attitude and behaviors of employers towards ex-prisoner.
The persuasive communication will use Elaborative Likelihood Model (ELM). It has two routes consisting of the central route which is characterized by its cognitive elaboration. We used mainly this route because most of our panelists are professionals. They carefully evaluated and analyze the reactions and the ideas brought up by everyone and its implication and similarity to their own beliefs and culture. This is the process used in this route of persuasion. It includes:
Deep Explanation.
Logic arguments.
This route will be presented by one of the top speakers in one of the biggest annual Human Resource conferences in the UK, The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)
The second route will be peripheral route. This route will serve as the re-energizer because most of the people are tired to understand the concepts being presented. This will make things easier to understand and to focus on and will help them in their decision whether they accept that or not. This is the cognitive miser's route to persuasion. It includes:
Sort messages
Pleasant assassination between the message and music playing in the background.
At the end, we will show video clips to strengthen the impact of the call and the study to the desired audience in the annual conference. Also this video clip will be posted in their website where most of the UK employee recruiter gathers.
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Ex-Pensioners and Attitude Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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