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Admission - Essay Example

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The skills and abilities we acquire in life are directly influenced by our experiences and what we are taught in educational institutions (Purcell 290). Our principles and values stem from our early childhood upbringings to the people we interact with as we grow up (Purcell…
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Admission Essay
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Extract of sample "Admission"

Admission Essay The skills and abilities we acquire in life are directly influenced by our experiences and what we are taught in educational institutions (Purcell 290). Our principles and values stem from our early childhood upbringings to the people we interact with as we grow up (Purcell 291). The skills acquired are vital in our professional settings in public service.
During my undergraduate studies in Business Administration, I was able to acquire fundamental skills which would prove vital in my professional career (Dilger 98). Skills such as the ability to work productively with others were acquired through projects, presentations and group discussions. As students, we were regularly tasked with coming up with project in groups of five or thereof, these tasks equipped me with the ability to tolerate and work with people of different natures and principles contrary to mine. The tasks also gave me valuable knowledge on how to ensure maximum productivity in groups and meet deadlines. I can actively employ these skills in my professional life where I am tasked with working with my colleagues. I can also use the skills to ensure that deadlines are met to ensure maximum productivity
My undergraduate studies gave me valuable lessons on leadership. The coursework contained tenets on business management and how to ensure business success (Norman 35) .In the classroom I learnt how to lead and handle crisis situations. As a project leader, I gained valuable knowledge on how to motivate my group members to ensure maximum productivity. I also learnt how to cope with uncooperative members. The leadership skills would prove invaluable to public service especially if given a managerial position. The ability to motivate my colleagues in situations where an institution is making losses would be necessary. It would also help me to maintain the morale of the employees.
My experience as a volunteer with the World Health Organization was pivotal in my learning experience. Among the many students who volunteered during the 2004 cholera outbreak, only a few of us remained by the end of the containment period (Geudens 36). This experience taught me the value of commitment to set goals and agendas. I learnt that without commitment, one would not achieve the desired results. This skillset would be useful in my public service especially as pertains quality service delivery. Commitment to my duties will be important in the achievement of institutional goals and objectives.
My six months training as a cadet in the military taught me how to cope with stress. The rigorous training schedule was one of the most stressful times in my life. With time, I was able to adapt and turn this stress into the motivation to perform even better. Stress management is important in public service especially for an individual in a leadership position (Geudens 17). A skill such as this will ensure that I maintain and further develop the quality of my performance in public service in stressful situations.
During my work as a regional co-coordinator of government procurement projects, I gained important knowledge on how to manage crisis situations. We were constantly faced with situations where fraudulent actions would stop the operations of the institution and lead to huge losses. This experience in public service equipped me with the skill set to ensure an organization survives a crisis (Purcell 87). Crisis management will be important in public service in situations where the institution is faced with issues.
I also acquired the important entrepreneurial skill of quick decision-making during my employment with Microsoft co-operation. In a fast lane business environment, quick decision-making is a skill that is valuable for seizing business opportunities and gaining a competitive advantage over our competitors (Purcell 90). Quick decision-making will be important in public service and will be vital for making policy decisions.
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