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Some people have their nerves closer to their skins and their rate of injury may differ from those with nerves far from the skin.
3) Lifting…
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367 Sultan
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Reflection Paper A. Key points 3 key points Ergonomics talks about how people differ in their sizes, shapes, and background, thus varying degrees of pain tolerance upon injuries. Some people have their nerves closer to their skins and their rate of injury may differ from those with nerves far from the skin.
2) Sitting near a workstation and required materials makes it easy to access and lift the materials for work, thus preventing probable arm or back injuries.
3) Lifting objects or materials while in the correct zone helps to minimize arm or back injuries because it ensures that the shoulder is positioned correctly and the space between the feet remains proper.
B. Reflection
Why the above key points and crucial for safety
1) When people develop clear understanding of ergonomics, they are sensitized about the signs and symptoms they face by setting wrong sitting positions and also their carrying capacities. This helps them to avoid arm and back injuries as they will try to avoid sitting postures that caused previous symptoms.
2) When an individual sits close to the workplace and puts his or her arms and shoulders in a comfortable way, he or she will avoid possible arm or back pain and the work materials will be easy to access.
3) Arm or back pains usually result from wrong sitting postures or improper lifting/handling of objects. Therefore, it is crucial for people to know the proper space between their legs when carrying objects in order to avoid injuries.
C. Application
Example of specific application of any of the listed points
3). Work such as carrying heavy objects, pulling or pushing weighty loads that entail exerting too much force. Read More
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