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Disadvantages of using smart phones - Essay Example

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One of the such improvements has been experienced in the mobile phone use. The technology has made it possible to move from the traditional phones to new phones known as ‘smart phones’. The new form have…
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Disadvantages of using smart phones
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Extract of sample "Disadvantages of using smart phones"

Disadvantages of using smart phones The advancement of technology has led to improvement in various fields. One ofthe such improvements has been experienced in the mobile phone use. The technology has made it possible to move from the traditional phones to new phones known as ‘smart phones’. The new form have improved features and various forms of application. One of the common features of the smart phones is the presence of touch screen. This enables one to use finger as an input in the interaction process. Hence, these phones do not have a key board. Moreover, the phones are improved by presence of mobile operating systems. However, the change has led to a number of challenges. The paper focus on disadvantages of using smart phones.
The current usage of smart phones has enabled users to do a variety of things. However, the usage has led to a number of disadvantages. First, the gadget is too expensive as compared to the mobile phones that were used in the past. This means that the user have to use extra money in order to acquire a gadget. The extra pay is due to extra application in these phones. As noted by the author a basic phone may cost $50 to $90 as compared to $200 to $300 of smart phones (Butler 1). Therefore, the extra comfort of the smart phones is achieved at a higher price than the non-smart phones.
Secondly, the smart phones have led to decreased social interaction. The phones have been noted to divert people attention from the real world. Hence, it makes it difficult for people to underatnd and appreciate the world. For example, the usage of these phones makes it difficult for people to have phsical intercation. The interaction has been minimal as people can interact using these phones through email, calls, and even social sites application installed on the phones. Hence, most of the people do not see the need of having a physical interaction due to convenience of communication that occur in using these phones.
Moreover, dependence on these phones may lead to a form of addiction. Once the addiction occurs it will be difficult for one to disassociate from the gadgets. The addition can affect individual well-being due to high level of activity due to dependence of the gadgets. As noted by Schloter, “The most dangerous thing is to fall into a mode of permanent activity and continuously consult one’s smartphone to see whether any new mails have come in” (Association for Psychological Science (APS) 1). The lament by Schotler clearly shows effect that can occur on dependence on smart phones. In fact, few months later Schotler was reported dead due to overreliance on smart phones. The quote clearly demonstrated the need for regulation on smart phones usage.
On the other hand, smart phones interfere with sleeping period. This is because most of the people continue to use these phones even at the late hours of the night. The interruption of sleep may be challenging to employees. A study carried out showed that late night use of the phones interferes with sleep and leaves workers more tired in the morning and hence participate poorly in their work in the next day (APS 1). The effect may be great sometimes making on get fired.
In conclusion, it is clear, smart phones pose various challenges. The common challenges are lack of good interaction, loss of sleep, being expensive, and dependence. Hence, it is good that people observe the way they use these gadgets.
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