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On Using handphone to activate and deactivate the car camera - Research Paper Example

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Abstract— Robbery and intentional destruction of vehicles is a common thing in most of the countries at present and United States is also not an exception. Some people engage in robbery or destruction of vehicles for money, thrill etc. It is difficult for the owners to monitor…
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Research on Using handphone to activate and deactivate the car camera
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Extract of sample "On Using handphone to activate and deactivate the car camera"

Download file to see previous pages This paper analyses the usage of hand phone to activate and deactivate the car camera.
“Camera security systems usually incorporate a central computer or storage device to record video. Most can also be hooked up to monitors for immediate viewing. In recent years, wireless technology has made it possible to eliminate cumbersome wires and make camera security systems more versatile. These wireless cameras can integrate with a personal computer, and some can even be monitored by cell phone. Wireless cameras transmit to a wireless receiver that can translate the signal back into analogue video or simply send it to a digital storage device, such as a DVR” [8] Car cameras can be used as an electronically controlled security guard robot to the cars. Car cameras or electronic surveillance system excels where the manual security measures fail. Car cameras can be used to photograph robbery or intrusion or destruction of the vehicle using remote control. It can be controlled using a hand phone as well. Car camera has various features like remote control, motion sensor to automatically activate the Mobile Cam, photo documentation of vandalism, theft, and altercations, ability to take and store up to 680 digital images, view playback on home TV and monitors, record images on any VCR, displays date and time, ability to capture images at night or in very low light, easy to adjust and install. [1]. It is easy for the vehicle owners or the police force to track the activities of the intruders using the combinational services of car cam and hand phone.
In “Normal” mode, the car camera begins taking pictures as soon as it is switched on.  The camera function is so designed that when the memory becomes full it can overwrite on the pictures starting from first. It is possible to switch off the overwrite mode if needed. As per the United States law, as long as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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