Compare/contrast various latest generation cell phones. Your audience is a graduating college student who wants a new cell phone - Essay Example

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MEMO To: A College Graduate From: Subject: Comparison of Various Latest Generation Cell Phones Date: October 9, 2013 Cc: Introduction This memo compares and contrasts the various latest generation cell phones like Apple iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia 920, and Samsung Galaxy S3…
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Compare/contrast various latest generation cell phones. Your audience is a graduating college student who wants a new cell phone
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Extract of sample "Compare/contrast various latest generation cell phones. Your audience is a graduating college student who wants a new cell phone"

MEMO A College Graduate Comparison of Various Latest Generation Cell Phones October 9, Cc: Introduction This memo compares and contrasts the various latest generation cell phones like Apple iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia 920, and Samsung Galaxy S3. More so, this memo aims at giving detailed information outlining all the necessary features that distinguishes the three cell phones in terms of design and build, screen size and clarity, camera prowess and battery life (Bennett and Dolcourt). There is stiff competition between these three smart phones hence leaving the shoppers confused which one to choose. It is important to you as a graduate to understand these three phones so that you can make appropriate and wise decision while purchasing a new cell phone that will enable you to perform tasks effectively at workplace. Having knowledge about the above smart phones will enable you to understand each phone’s strengths and weaknesses to assist you make a choice. Design and Build Based on the design and build, Apple iPhone 5 is made with aluminum and glass, which enables it to retain its super industrial aesthetic, and can survive for more drops without shattering. On the other hand, Nokia Lumia 920 is made of a polycarbonate body with rounded edges, which may attract many smart phone shoppers, but its plastic body does not necessarily attract everyone. However, the design of Samsung Galaxy S3 can be more attractive and appealing but being shiny and glossy plastic does not imply that the phone has quality (Bennett and Dolcourt). This though does not mean that it is more vulnerable and prone to breaking or crushing than Apple iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 920 since the plastic can help in friction rather than shattering. Screen Size and Clarity About the screen size, iPhone 5 has 4-inch screen with 1,136x640 pixels yielding 326 pixels per inch and gives the phone a “16:9 aspect ratio, but its display 44 percent more colour saturation and cuts down on glare” (Bennett and Dolcourt). However, Samsung Galaxy S3 has the largest screen of 4.8 inch yielding a 1,280x720-pixel resolution and a pixel density of 306 pixels per inch and its screen size helps in watching videos, reading and other important activities (Bennett and Dolcourt). One of the disadvantages with its screen size is that it has low pixel density, high reflection, and scores low based on contrast and brightness (Cardinal). Nokia Lumia 920 has a 4.5-inch screen with 332 pixels per inch with a resolution of 1,280x768 pixels (Bennett and Dolcourt). More so, concerns have been raised about Samsung Galaxy S3 being so colorful due to its larger color gamut (Cardinal). In overall, Samsung Galaxy S3 has the largest screen but is not clear enough but Nokia Lumia 920 has a high pixel density, which enables its screen to be clear. Camera Prowess Based on the camera prowess, all the three smart phones have perfect cameras. The Apple iPhone 5 has a recommendable camera phone performance with improved low light performance and a new panorama-shooting mode, which is better than that of the Nokia Lumia 920 and Samsung Galaxy S3. In addition, Apple’s new iPhone enables you to take photos when shooting video. Samsung Galaxy S3 has a sensor that offers 8-megapixel resolution just like that of iPhone and a panorama-shooting mode whereas Nokia Lumia 920 has 8.7-megapixel camera with a sharper photo resolution and processing (TechHive Editors 13). In addition, nearly all smart phones including Nokia Lamia 920 are able to run special applications within the camera app itself allowing you to upgrade its functionality over time (TechHive Editors 14). However, the automatically adjusting low-light capabilities of the iPhone 5 make the phone’s camera dominate the other two (Bennett and Dolcourt). Battery Life Arguably, when using those phone features that drain battery, it is obvious that the battery will not last long irrespective of the phone type. Nokia is looking forward to offer its Lumia 920 with a 2000 mAh battery to enable it run for a bit longer time. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S3 is focused on providing 2100 mAh battery lasting for 9 hours while playing videos. Accordingly, apple iPhone 5 has promised to offer a battery capable of playing video for 10 hours and 8 hours of web surfing (Bennett and Dolcourt). Conclusion It is very important to understand how the three cell phones operate and understand all the necessary information to be able to make wise decision while purchasing a new cell phone to help you operate in a more effective manner when you join a workforce. Apple iPhone 5 is made of aluminum and glass which prevents it from shattering, Nokia Lumia 920 has a polycarbonate body, and Samsung galaxy has a shiny and glossy plastic look. Based on screen size and clarity, Samsung galaxy has the largest screen but not clear enough, Nokia Lumia 920 has high pixel density, which enables the screen to be vivid, and iPhone 5 has a smaller screen as compared to the two phones but it is clearer than Samsung Galaxy S3. Considering the camera prowess and battery life, the three phones compete to ensure they offer their very best to their consumers. Works Cited Bennett, Brian and Dolcourt, Jessica. “Iphone 5 Vs. Galaxy S3 Vs. Lumia 920: By The Numbers”. Cnet. 2012. Web. 9 October 2013. Cardinal, David. Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs. Iphone 5 Display Shoot-Out: Apple Wins Again. Extremetech. 2012. Web. 9 October 2013. TechHive Editors. Digital Photography Superguide. San Francisco: IDG Consumer & SMB. Print. Read More
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