Will the Z generation be the laziest generation yet because of smart technology - Research Paper Example

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Apparently, the generation can in to find complete technology in full gear. In fact, Hutchby and Moran-Ellis (9) argued that this generation does not know life without technology. They are conversant with different…
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Will the Z generation be the laziest generation yet because of smart technology
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Download file to see previous pages This generation heavily relies on the social media to socialize and communicate to their friends. The generation is believed to have brilliant minds in regard to using the internet in seek solution to various problems affecting their lives. “Youths have the common need of a future worth living” (Weber and Greenberg 6) For instance, if they have a complication in regard to health, they just go to the internet to find answers (Sladek 18).
It has been argued that generation Z has little secret in their lives especially when dealing with social media. They are willing to disclose and discuss any information with friends and strangers in their social media platforms. Hutchby and Moran-Ellis (1) argued that “the increase interplay between children and technologies poses critical questions for how we can understand the nature of childhood in ate modern society”. For instance, this generation does not care about sharing their private life especially on their intimate life. They like constantly being on mobile phones texting and on social media chatting and updating status (Weber and Greenberg 26).
This generation is disadvantaged because they do not concentrate on their class work since most of the time they are online chatting and updating their status. “Most U.S teenagers participate in online social network sites at the expense of other activities” (Bers 7). With the use technology, the generation does not mostly rely on class work since they can easily get any information they want from the internet. This is what has contributed to the issue of plagiarism. They just copy the work of other people that has been placed on internet and present it as their own. In another dimension, the generation does not want to struggle much researching on what they are given by their teachers. They like concentrating on results they get from the internet (Gudith 110)
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