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Brand Benefit Ladder - Essay Example

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An author of the essay "Brand Benefit Ladder" outlines that the attributes insinuates a functional benefit and appears at the second rung of the ladder. Consequently, an emotional derivative is its implication. The emotional benefit then constitutes the third layer on the ladder. …
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Brand Benefit Ladder
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Extract of sample "Brand Benefit Ladder"

Download file to see previous pages At the apex lies the essence of the brand, which is also an implication of the emotional benefit. The focus keeps increasing in concentration as ladder rises. Ascending the ladder reduces the focus on the lower attachments such as the attributes associated with the brand while increasing the function of the brand in the lives of consumers. Unearthing why the mother of a football player drives an SUV instead of a simple mini-van clearly illustrates the flow of the ladder. At first, an analyst considers the attribute of the product (car) for instance, SUV’s do not have doors that slide. It means that an SUV is stylish because of the attribute, therefore; it constitutes a functional consequence of the absence of sliding doors. When the Mom feels trendy while driving, it amounts to the emotional or psychosocial consequence of owning a car with a stylish design. In the end, the bottom-line is the personal value where people, as well as the owner, accept the act of feeling fashionable. Marketing experts define a brand as a set of memories, expectations, relationships, and stories that, taken together, explain a decision by a consumer to select one service or product over another. A brand differentiates services, products, as well as organizations (Barsalou 640). Milward Brown developed the most common type of Brand Pyramid towards the end of the twentieth century. The pyramid identifies five important stages traversed by a consumer when analyzing a brand. The process starts with primary awareness and ends with total loyalty. Business organizations can apply the Brand Pyramid when in the process of designing a marketing strategy. The strategy could be for a product, a brand, or a service. Comprehending the five steps traveled by the consumer forms the best foundation for designing the marketing strategies. The steps are essential as they help the consumer build loyalty on a particular product or brand. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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