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The development of the different environmental protection efforts has not provided results that are offering the necessary protection to the environment. Many…
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Reflection 8
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Reflection 8 Environmental degradation has taken the world in an effort to save the environment and protect future habitats. The development of the different environmental protection efforts has not provided results that are offering the necessary protection to the environment. Many developments and scholars have written material such as poems, articles and even novels to provide for the protection of the environment. According to the article developed by Berry from the book attached, passing the message on dealing with environmental effects and avoiding their wide spread is a passion that could save the future generation and the world from total destruction. Land conservation efforts and environmental conservation efforts aimed at leading the world towards an environment where each person plays a responsible role in leading to protection of the environment. The writer advocates people to look at eating as agricultural act rather than an agricultural product that many people consider it as. (Berry, p.65)
Specialization in production is an aspect that is considered to lead to specialization in consumption through which some species can survive the wrath of man and hence sustenance. The dependent nature of the populations on the consumption of agricultural products has an effect on the environmental activities that take place in the world. Most of the consumption is on products essential to man and hence the difficulty in protecting the species and ensuring that environmental efforts in conservation prove successful. The consumption levels differ and the efforts to introduce genetically modified foods indicate the desperate measures of the human population in dealing with the environmental effects and in trying to prepare for a total food lack. These indicate the pleasure of eating that people are working hard to protect and hence leaving the world at risk of more environmental effects.
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Berry, Wendell. The Pleasures of Eating. Retrieved from Read More
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