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Is placing a financial value on the natural envirnment enough - Essay Example

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Despite the several critical arguments bashing the UK government for placing financial value on the natural environment, the move is one strategic and effective way of mitigating some of the most prevalent environmental degradation issues thereby making environmental management…
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Is placing a financial value on the natural envirnment enough
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Download file to see previous pages Additionally, the desire for improved infrastructure makes it possible for government agencies and the private sector to overlook the natural environment. Placing a financial value on the natural environment thus makes it possible for the government to maintain high-level accountability thus monitoring changes and implementing appropriate policies in curbing the effects of environmental degradation.
Emission of carbon dioxide gases and the diminishing forest cover in countries globally is a vital social issue that governments all over the world strive to address. Pacing financial value on the natural environment thus makes it possible for the government to account for the activities of every individual and determine an appropriate way of compensating especially for people who emit carbon but cannot take social responsibility (Glasson, Therivel & Chadwick, 2005). The Canadian for example has implemented and efficient mechanism of taxing those emitting carbon. Through a tax regime entitled carbon tax, the Canadian government collects revenue it uses in improving the forest cover with the view of increasing conservation of the environment. Additionally, such costs act as incentives for entrepreneurs to use clean sources of energy such as bio fuels, the sun and wind among many others. By placing financial value on the natural environment, the implementation of such effective policies become more efficient and less exploitative since the government will monitor the activities of every emitter of carbon thereby charging appropriately.
The approach adopted by the UK government promises more effectiveness owing to the governments attention to details associated with the placement of the financial value on the natural environment. Total enterprise value is a concept in accounting that helps entrepreneurs to determine the actual value of their entries. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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