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Developing Common Leys: Sustainability in Action - Case Study Example

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The author of "Developing Sustainability in Common Leys Campus" paper states that natural resources need to be reserved for sustained development in any ecosystem. For this reason, measures need to be put in place to ensure that these are re-used where necessary in order to achieve conservation. …
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Developing Common Leys: Sustainability in Action
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Extract of sample "Developing Common Leys: Sustainability in Action"

Download file to see previous pages World Commission on Environment and Development (1987) states that Sustainable Development is that which meets the requirements of the current without compromising the capability of the upcoming generation to meet their personal requirements. This idea promotes social, environmental as well as economic progress. Resources are limited and unmanaged growth is bound to degrade the environment. With the expansion of the Campus so as to accommodate the increase in student population, there is a need for the development of sustainable development. The pressure this puts on land is likely to bring about environmental degradation. Issues of water shortage, waste disposal, and pollution are likely to be on the rise prompting the need for sustainable change. For this reason, the campus needs to adopt animal husbandry as well as the practice of horticulture. These practices would go a long way in ensuring resource use and re-use ensuring that the environment is safeguarded. For example, the food produced from the farm could offset the cost of purchasing food at the same time serve as a source of income.

Soil conservation practices that aim at reducing erosion by wind and water need to be in place. Erosion reduces soil organic matter and as such affects crop production as well as deteriorates the environment. Conservation practices include reduction of wind speed, reducing water speed and increase of soil organic matter content. These ensure organic matter replenishment and improve soil properties like water retention ability, infiltration and particle aggregate. Farming practices like extensive tillage reduce crop residue and reduce conservation.

Water is a renewable resource and sustaining it should not be that difficult. However, even with the abundance in water, there are challenges regarding the delivery of clean and safe water as well as the reuse and treatment of wastewater. These processes are very useful in the conservation of the environment but are rather costly (Heinberg & Lerch, 2010, p.72). Population growth and pressure means that this resource is changing. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Developing Common Leys: Sustainability in Action Case Study.
(Developing Common Leys: Sustainability in Action Case Study)
Developing Common Leys: Sustainability in Action Case Study.
“Developing Common Leys: Sustainability in Action Case Study”.
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