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The adoption of common language poilcies in companies - Essay Example

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Several companies have tried to implement the common language policy in order to expand their reach and facilitate diverse collaboration of employees across linguistic and national boundaries. Among the languages, English is the most preferred business language adopted by many…
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The adoption of common language poilcies in companies
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Download file to see previous pages It tends to spawn behaviors and emotions resulting to inefficiencies and poor collaborative efforts hence, leading to poor performance and low company productivity.
These inefficiencies tend to be overlooked since the companies direct their attention to the benefits of linguistic integration in order to fit in the globalizing market. The main reason English is being adopted fall under the pressure from the external global players who seem to be well equipped with the English language and its application in the business field. In addition, there is too much diversification of tasks related to a company among countries. If the corporate goals rely on departments within different countries that are working harmoniously, language becomes a significant element. Implementation of language mandate has revealed challenges in the transition from diverse languages to a common language2. The experience that employees have had when working using another language or engaging with a non-native speaker has proved difficult.
GlobalTech, FrechCo, Global Moves, Carco and ChipCo are some of the companies that have tried or rather have implemented the language mandate. All of the companies are from different countries of origin; Germany, French, Japanese, United States and United States respectively. The language mandate was put into test, and the impact analyzed that shows that it resulted to psychological and emotional impacts to the employees3. GlobalTech introduced English to the German Employees, and this resulted to ineffective communication. FrenchCo had employees who were non-native speakers who were originally from France, but experienced challenged in having to communicate in English since some lacked sophisticated language skills.
The same case is evident for GlobalMoves, Japanese Company where much time was wasted in a task that could have been done easily. For ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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