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Some of the machines are functioning while the rest are old and grounded. As a result, the old machines need immediate replacement. However, as it…
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Problem definition
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Memorandum Department Head of Mechanical Engineering November 3, Upgrading Machine Shop Lathes to Current C &C Lathes
As the situation is now, some of the tools in the store used in the Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) have serious problems. Some of the machines are functioning while the rest are old and grounded. As a result, the old machines need immediate replacement. However, as it is, the focus is on lathes. The make in the shop are half a century old and hence raise many safety issues.
I. As noted above, the lathes have outlived their usefulness due to many years they have been in use and hence such an issue need to be immediately addressed. As OSHA guidelines states, the operator needs to have protection shields for protection from flying remnants during machine operation. Although there are movable shields that can be in some of the lathes, there are few to be used in all lathes simultaneously. Moreover, only a few lathes have a break that is a concern according to established standards.
II. The students are also disadvantaged in the shop in terms of technology. The students have only been exposed to manual means of operation. This is the case while technology has been embraced in operation of machines. As it is, technology has enabled to put some requirements in the computer and the machine progresses on its own. However, manual operation may be paramount to the students but makes them be behind in terms of embracing technology.
The college prides itself as having Mechatronics major as a primary area of study. One of the core issues to be covered on this are is designing and machine operation. Hence, it is paramount that students are exposed on right C&C equipment. Therefore, lack of these equipments will deny the students the proper accreditation they need.
The fact is that there is enough money for this upgrade. Grants have also been made available for installation of C&C lathes. The soon this is done the better for proper utilization of time by the students.
We just hope that this will be one of the priorities as it is of great important to engineering students. Read More
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