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The advertisement capitalizes on humor to attract the attention of the audience. It is short but well equipped with humor and intriguing detail of an extraordinary thing-bring grandpa back to life courtesy of…
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Doritos Super Bowl Commercial  Applying Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Doritos Super Bowl Commercial d Healing grandpa is a funny and witty television advert that does much to conform to the essentials of Monroe’s Motivated sequence.
The first step involves capturing the attention of the audience. The advertisement capitalizes on humor to attract the attention of the audience. It is short but well equipped with humor and intriguing detail of an extraordinary thing-bring grandpa back to life courtesy of Doritos.
The next step involves establishing the need for the advert. Consequently, an advertisement that has a host of unfulfilled needs does not serve the purpose of convincing the audience. In this advert, there is a problem. Initially, it is the absence of grandpa. The fact that grandpa is absent is not a cause for joy but his reappearance is a desirable effect by the grandson ("Doritos Healing Grandpa super bowl commercial 2011," n.d.). There need here is to have grandpa so that life can be enjoyable.
Step three concerns provision of a solution (Venette, 1993). In this case, Doritos is the solution. At the end when grandpa comes back to life, he can be seen with Doritos. It is after his ashes are released from the urn and the presence of Doritos in the room that makes him come back to life.
Visualizing what satisfaction will mean forms the fourth step. The Doritos advert aims to convince the audience that Doritos are that good to cause one to come back to life just to have some more. This advert shows a positive future, full of enjoyment from Doritos consumption.
The final process about getting the audience to take action is paramount. That is the whole reason for making the advertisement in the first place. This involves buying the Doritos and eating them. At the end of the advertisement, everyone one is convinced that Doritos are the real deal due to their enticing capacity.
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