Engage Gladwell, Olson, and Nathan in a conversation to explain how individuals - Essay Example

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Interestingly, modern communication is relatively complex because of social sites, which aid communication. There is wide interaction that brings together people of different ethnic…
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Engage Gladwell, Olson, and Nathan in a conversation to explain how individuals
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Joanna Kim 356:156:32 Nor.03 Paper 3-3 Dr. Heba Relationships The need for a mature relationship is essential owing to the contemporary diversity of the world. Interestingly, modern communication is relatively complex because of social sites, which aid communication. There is wide interaction that brings together people of different ethnic communities who have different values and beliefs. Building national and international schools, encouraging intermarriages, and promoting open-mindedness are some of the reliable ways of reducing racial discrimination and ethnicity.
Integrated schools give children an opportunity to meet other children from dissimilar family backgrounds and cultures. People spend most part of their childhood, until early adulthood, in learning institutions. For that reason, it is likely that they will grow up with what they learn. This will also increase interaction with other groups and fortify relationships (Olson 339). Gladwell joins Olson through the focus on Freedom schools (Gladwell 233). On the other hand, Nathan points out those students who do not socialize benefit less from integrated schools (Nathan 321).
In the main, intermarriages bring together people of different races. Intercommunity dating is an asset rather than a liability (Olson 343). In Olson view, advantages of intermarriages outweigh disadvantages. Social interactions such as intermarriages should be encouraged (Nathan, 319). In essence, this will reduce intolerance by the children born from parents of different races. These children will be more open to the whole world at large, hence build stronger relationships.
Open-mindedness, especially on issues relating to intermarriages, strengthens relationships. Inclusion, sharing and participation are important (Nathan 317). Acquaintances are also important since they generate more ideas than friends do (Gladwell 234). By sharing information through social media, people accept other people’s culture and develop strong relationships. In addition, cultural differences become less, for the greater good of the humanity.
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