The Flight from Conversation - Assignment Example

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As the paper outlines, technology has reduced conversations and increased connections with which people use to communicate more often since it prevents the existence of true and meaningful conversation because people have become addicted to machines and devices…
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The Flight from Conversation
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will begin with the statement that the contemporary world has exhibited high levels of technological advancements mostly in communication devices that make conversing easier than any other period before. Although this has increased the ability for people to stay connected, it has resulted in many negative effects, especially in conversation. This is because connectivity has increased loneliness as more and more people tend to favor connection to the conversation. Most researchers maintain that people have never been lonelier than they are in the contemporary world, which is the opposite of the anticipated effect of social media developers who intended to improve lives. This is because people use social media in schools, offices and even homes and do not wish to be interrupted by reading and replying their e-mail and text messages. People have become addicted to social media to the point that they have integrated it to their most important activities. For instance, people sit at homes together texting and replying as well as reading e-mail messages that they have received. In addition, in the offices, people have become so busy on their computers chatting with their friends where the office has become very quiet in recent days, as people do not wish to be disturbed (Tukle). This shows how much social media has affected people’s priorities to the point that it has been integrated into day-to-day office work. The situation is similar even for the students. Here, the students wear huge headphones as they chat with their friends on social media while listening to music. Since it is very easy to make friends online, most people have resulted to ignoring the face-to-face conversation for social media due to its ease of use as compared to the difficulties of starting a face-to-face conversation, which is more helpful than the use of social media as a way of conversing. In spite of the fact that some people realize the effect of social media on physical conversations, they are not willing to change their ways. For instance, as Turkle puts it, some people rely on texting for almost everything but still maintain that they would like to know how to start a conversation although not now.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Flight from Conversation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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