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Communication Differences between Asian Descendants - Essay Example

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This essay "Communication Differences between Asian Descendants" focuses on the interaction between two Asian descents, Stacy, and Jenny. It describes and compares their listening, language, perception, and conversation skills, as well as measures their ability to communicate successfully…
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Communication Differences between Asian Descendants
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Extract of sample "Communication Differences between Asian Descendants"

Download file to see previous pages One of their intimate conversational moments would start with Jenny, raising her cup of hot chocolate to Stacy, in the wake of a new morning. In this scenario, Stacy would automatically nod as a signal of understanding and would immediately oblige to start the conversation by holding out the fresh toasts to Jenny. Stacy’s non-verbal actions would indicate to Jenny that Stacy is willing to listen to her experiences. As Jenny continues to talk in Mandarin, Stacy would keenly listen to her and ask some closed-end and open-ended questions from time to time and this further deepens both their interest in keeping pace with their conversation. Being an effective listener, Stacy can elicit sensitive information from Jenny starting from a small talk and heightening to the expression and sharing of personal views, opinions, and a mixture of emotions. Their conversation would end as they depart from the dorm and go on separate destinations. And in a half-hour to almost an hour and a half, the number of topics they have talked about would range to one (if it is a serious topic), to three or more (if the topics pertain to their not-so-serious moments). With Jenny’s habit of actively expressing what she wants to say for most of the time, Murphy’s assumptions on an individual’s conversational ability proves to be true.
In any successful communication, there is a need to develop proper perception skills in acquiring, interpreting, selecting, and organizing thoughts and information that is being relayed and accepted. It is also vital for actively conversing individuals to master the skill of selecting information that will keep one’s attention in focus and significant and not-so-significant events well-remembered (attention and retention) to keep track of the conversation, as well as maintain relationships through various opinions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Communication Differences between Asian Descendants Essay.
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Communication Differences Between Asian Descendants Essay.
“Communication Differences Between Asian Descendants Essay”.
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