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This is evidenced by the new things I learnt about America. For instance, my learning of unknown America publics’ diversity is as a result of me visiting America. Additionally, I only saw the…
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Post 10
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I enjoy white privilege very much because I am not affiliated to American culture. This is evidenced by the new things I learnt about America. For instance, my learning of unknown America publics’ diversity is as a result of me visiting America. Additionally, I only saw the value of White Privilege after acquainting myself with enough information about it. For instance, in my own understanding I can claim that it is easier for a person from a different race like me to be stopped or remain unattended to because of not being White. Additionally, some people do enjoy this privilege regardless of it not being offered by whites. Thus, White Privilege can be considered as a cause of Racism.
Furthermore, I can accept in class that White Privilege is evident everywhere in the United States. Its effect can be felt in educational sector as well as in working environment. It is also possible for one to be rejected by a White or feel rejected when associated with Whites. A good example of a rejection as a result of not being White is a case in Missouri in which a policeman gunned down and killed an innocent black guy hurriedly because of his skin color. It is evident that the policeman would not have hurried in making his killing decision if the guy was White. From this, one can deduce that people from different races are not regarded as human beings in the U.S. Read More
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