A reflection on your personal development over the first month of university - Assignment Example

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This was the time where I experienced college life. I met new people and gained friends. It was also challenging because I have to adjust with the academic and social rigor of college.
My initial stay in the university in the…
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A reflection on your personal development over the first month of university
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Teacher Personal and Professional Development Plan My first month in the was exciting. This was the time where I experienced college life. I met new people and gained friends. It was also challenging because I have to adjust with the academic and social rigor of college.
My initial stay in the university in the first month also revealed core aspects of my strengths and weakness. I learned that I like the university life despite its challenges and tend to be more interested in the subjects being taught. This interest translates to me working harder because I like my classes and the university environment in general. I also found out that I can easily adapt to different kinds of people and environment. I can easily work in team which is an asset because there are some school works that needs group effort. These strengths pose an opportunity for me to get better grades and because I am genuinely interested in my lessons and that I may have a bigger social network after I graduate college.
My weakness is that I tend to procrastinate school works especially if they are challenging. Getting started is a challenge for me albeit I work harder once I get started. I am aware that this is a common challenges among student but I do not want to make that as an excuse to justify procrastination. I have to correct this because procrastinating threatens my performance in school and ultimately my grade because procrastination makes me cram during exams.
To be able to do better in the university, I have set a SMART Goal for myself. Smart Goal stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound
Specific – get a good grade and graduate my course in the university
Measureable – At the minimum, I must pass all of my subjects. I am however aiming to at least get 85% on my subjects.
Attainable – I believe that my 85% grade goal is attainable because it is within the 100% grading. I just need to work hard for it and if I need help, I would ask assistance for tutorial to reach that grade. Moreover, the goal of graduating my course in the university is also attainable as most students who studied and work hard for their lessons graduated.
Realistic – Considering my aptitude, interest for school and ability to work hard, getting an 85% percentile grade is very realistic. I also do not see any reason or impediment why will I not graduate college eventually knowing that I have the capacity just like the others who have graduated.
Time bound – the 85% percentile grade goal is only for this semester. At the end of the semester, I will do another personal reflection on my performance and then set another SMART goals. In principle, I will increase my grade objective in the succeeding semesters once I have achieved my initial objective.
With regard to graduating from the university, I expect that I will finish in on time which is four years.
I am driven to achieve my goal to prepare myself for the future, make my family proud and also to become a learned person. The only factor that I find that could prevent or restrain me in achieving my goal is my own willingness and drive to achieve them. Read More
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