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Spanish Cuisine - Essay Example

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Basically, it is the “cuisine of the people.” Majority of it comprises of ordinary, uncomplicated food, mostly on the basis of locally available ingredients or crops that are grown regionally. Cooking in Spain differs from…
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Spanish Cuisine
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Download file to see previous pages There are several fantastic contributions as well as influences (from Arabs and Romans who conquered Spain and stayed there) to Spanish cuisine and recipes. However, other dishes came from American and European influences and later adaptations were made to suit the Spanish taste. As a matter of fact, food prepared in Spain is usually abundant, fresh, as well as filled with flavor. In addition, Spaniards dearly love their food. It is important to note that the 2 essential ingredients that are must in Spanish food include garlic and olive oil. However, since Spain comprises of discrete geographical zones, settled by various cultural and ethnic groups, in addition to varying weather from one region to another, the regional cuisines vary a lot.
The following are typical Spanish ingredients as well as food. The first ingredient is olive oil which is also called lard. Spain being the world’s largest producer of olive oil grows numerous olives all over the country and it is therefore no surprise that several Spanish dishes are prepared using this ingredient. Secondly is the Ham or jamon in Spanish which is a much cherished food and Spaniards take it very seriously and usually will pay a lot for quality ham. In fact, Spaniards are so proud of their ham that they have many museums for the same. The third common cuisine is seafood and fish. Spain is found in Iberian Peninsula and thus surrounded by water on 3 sides; there is always plenty of fresh seafood in the markets. Spaniards thus consume shellfish or fish every day. Anything, ranging from shrimp to halibut, in addition to octopus as well as baby eels is widespread on restaurant menus and markets. The fourth delicacy is cheeses which are of great quality and can be found everywhere in Spain. Spaniards make cheeses from goat, cow, sheep, milk as well as mixed milks. Various kinds vary from soft cheeses like ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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