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Compare and contrast the education systems of the UK and other country - Essay Example

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This paper examines the education system of UK and Japan,two countries that are far poles apart in customs, traditions and ideologies. We will try to find out if education system has…
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Compare and contrast the education systems of the UK and other country
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Extract of sample "Compare and contrast the education systems of the UK and other country"

The Education System of UK and Japan Introduction. Most countries have their own education system that is dissimilar from each other. This paper examines the education system of UK and Japan,two countries that are far poles apart in customs, traditions and ideologies. We will try to find out if education system has universalities and if they have something in common.
Stages of education in both countries.
Education is significant to both countries so compulsory education is imposed to students with ages from 5 to 16 years, while higher education is not. Both has curriculum for primary, secondary and higher education. It is observed that due to free access to education, there are more students who attend state owned schools than the private schools.
School terms are similar. Both are divided in three terms, but they differ in terms of school year openings. School year in UK starts in September and ends in July. Each term has a break of few weeks, while the third term has two months vacation.
Japan has three terms: summer, winter, and spring that starts in April and ends in March next year.
The school curriculum
The centralized system of curriculum is observed to both countries with certain dissimilarities in content. In UK, Emphasis of teaching in infant school is on reading, painting and practical lessons. At this stage children learn to read, write and count. As they move to junior level, they learn English, Math, science and technology, geography, and religion. They also learn about environment, art, music and P.E. At age 11, students go to junior level of a comprehensive school. At age 16, sixty percent of the children are ready to move to further education. All junior level students are qualified to enter FE level wherein they could enrol in vocational or academic, although this is no longer obligatory courses. FE courses prepare them for future employment.
In Japan, the elementary school curriculum emphasizes study of Japanese, social studies, mathematics, science, music, arts and handicraft, and physical education. This is the stage where much emphasis and time is devoted to music, fine arts and curriculum. Japan introduced in its education system the promotion of respect for individuals, whereupon it was started in 1957 in elementary schools (Nemoto, Y. 1999) Students are required to practice moral education in their daily interactions in school and routine activities of cleaning and lunch, 2007. In high school Heirarchy and peer relations are intense and observed at this point.
The method of teaching in Japan is very much different from UK in that they are concerned with developing the whole being of the child. Teachers consider it their duty to teach them with polite manners, personal hygiene, and nutrition, something which are not regarded as duties of teachers in UK.
The national regulation entrance exams
In UK, all students in high school are required to have the GCS Level. If results are good, they can stay and prepare for another two years for GCE –Advanced level . GCE-A Level is the current standard for entrance to higher education in universities
Although there is no national entrance test In Japan, students are required to undergo rigid training to prepare them to take entrance exams in universities and best institutions. High school are classified according to distinctions: difficulty of entrance exams and relative wealth of students. (Education in Japan, 2007)
Conclusion: In comparing the educational systems of UK and Japan, I observed similarities in their systems, that they are both conduits of transmitting knowledge from development age to maturity. Although both countries maintain their own perspectives, their method of transmitting knowledge differs due to culture. Japan takes the holistic approach, while UK takes on the academics of the West. Schooling process in Japan considers values which are respected in the Japanese culture. Both countries regard education as a preparation for workforce. They differ in that values and culture are impressed on children in Japan from the very early age and it is expected they will carry it on until adult life. I observed that pyramid structure of the university system classifying students according to distinctions of wealth and intelligence is discriminating.
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Education in Japan (2007) “Education in Japan” Online . [Accessed 31 Oct. 204]
GOV. UK (n.d.) Education System in the UK, Online Read More
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