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Therefore, involving students into the conventions of academic helps the students to be motivated and be able to undergo with their own fields…
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Download file to see previous pages That is, they outline that the most factor is the financial. In fact, they go into the depths to clarifying their research by considering the number factors for students solution, the way the students use their credit cards, how much money does the student have to pay for their loan, the amount of money the students owe from other people, whether students ever drop off school due to their financial problems or students reducing their credit cards for financial problems. They also consider whether students are open to share their financial problems with the professors about their loan debt and consumer debt. Through their findings, it is clear that the issue of burn of debt may ease if some programs of educating students are started in the schools. Therefore, it enhances financial control.
In addition, in the section of the Relationship of students personality traits and psychosocial characteristics with academic retention their research is based on whether the characteristics of the achievers academic and non-achievers academically are similar in a way or they are completely different from each other. In fact, they did a sample to justify themselves by talking some student who were undergraduate students who were enrolled in the college programs and giving them a personality questionnaire and the collage student questionnaire whereby its aim was to measure the factors of psychosocial. After the research they found that in their MANOVAs and indepent t-tests that they have many differences such as the primary factors, globally personalities and even the pyschosiacil factors. In addition, their research shows that time management is affected by personal traits or the psychosocial either directly or indirectly. In fact, it shows that students have different characteristics and behaviors, therefore each student Is unique.
In the section of the negative impact of time ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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