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Persuasion and Research Are Major Elements of Academic Writing - Essay Example

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This paper 'Persuasion and Research Are Major Elements of Academic Writing" focuses on the fact that academic writing is one of the specialized methods of writing that establishes a claim on the academic topic and then provides evidence to the idea of claim to gain opinion for acceptance. …
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Persuasion and Research Are Major Elements of Academic Writing
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Extract of sample "Persuasion and Research Are Major Elements of Academic Writing"

Download file to see previous pages The writings on academic topics are based on the existing positions and ideas and form an argument though examination of facts and investigation of areas of interest (Maggie, Pecorari and Hunston 45). The writings are usually knowledge-based and then circulate among the readers of the academic world. The academic writing is, however, also read by the different sections of the society involving the students, teachers, journalists, media, critics, etc. The academic writings have a specified objective to influence the thoughts and opinions of the readers. The significance of the topic of study is also explained by the writer that influences the reader to replicate the ideas and actions mentioned in the topic. Instead of presenting a generalized view, a high-quality academic writing researches and investigates on the specific areas of knowledge and presents the findings obtained by the writer by continuous persuasion on the topic of academic writing (OKeefe 37). The style of academic writing varies from writer to writer. Some propose to follow a general convention for academic writing while others may oppose this viewpoint. Irrespective of the style of academic writing, the major elements that influence the quality and strength of the writing are the persuasion of the writer on the academic topic and the degree of research conducted by the writer in collecting and analyzing the academic topic. Academic writing may be in the fields of medicine, law, physics, chemistry, psychology, mathematics, technology, etc.

One of the major elements of academic writing is persuasion. The academic writing provides deep insight on the academic topics of interest. In order to provide conclusive results on the subjects, the academic writers are required to first identify the area of investigation that requires articulate explanation to the readers. The study of past events and existing information on the academic topic needs to be conducted for the purpose of academic writing.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Persuasion and Research Are Major Elements of Academic Writing Essay - 1, n.d.)
Persuasion and Research Are Major Elements of Academic Writing Essay - 1.
(Persuasion and Research Are Major Elements of Academic Writing Essay - 1)
Persuasion and Research Are Major Elements of Academic Writing Essay - 1.
“Persuasion and Research Are Major Elements of Academic Writing Essay - 1”.
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