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Analyzing a visual Argument - Essay Example

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On most occasions, people have a different perception of what they see. The statement implies that different people can have an entirely different interpretation of what they see depending on…
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Analyzing a visual Argument
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Download file to see previous pages One ought to note that a considerable percentage of these outcomes are guided by the impression created by the advert. The assignment provides a comprehensive discussion on an advertisement on Land Rover 4 (LR4) which featured in the U.S News and World Report; Best Cars ( The paper gives a detailed description of the promotional presentation before analyzing its elements and assessing its effectiveness on the target audience.
The advert featured a number of pictures of the LR4 from different angles. Since this was a promotional presentation, the advert also showed the SUV in different colors in a bid to capture the interest of color-specific clients. Also included in the advert were descriptions including fuel consumption, functionality, safety and pricing of the LR4. It is important to note that other vital information regarding the car like interior designs and number of seats available in the car also formed part of the advertisements.
Despite there being a number of objects and details included in the advert, it is noteworthy that only countable objects were relevant in portraying the intended message to consumers. The initial picture one could derive from the advert was durability and a wide range of functionality. From the images of the car posted in the website, one could easily tell the type of car being advertised and the type of clientele that the advert intended to capture. Therefore, the advertisement served its purpose and was effective in capturing the concentration of the intended audience (Williamson, 2004).
As already noted before, the advert comprised of a number of visual images of the LR4 car taken from different angles. In addition, the vehicle was features in different colors in the website. Pictures of the interior designs of the car also formed part of the promotional presentation. Car buyers are always particularly interested in the interior designs of their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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