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The paper critically analyzes ethos, pathos, and logos in Steve Jobs Commencement Speech. The irony of his presence is a successful college dropout giving advice to college graduates. The paper adopts the thesis Steve jobs speech appeals more to college students than his academic background…
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Text Analysis of Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech
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Download file to see previous pages Steve job is one of the most successful college dropouts in the history of united states. Many consider him a genius and most of the young professional look at his achievements as motivation to do better in their field of specialization. Commencement speeches have gained popularity in modern-day universities, and Stanford chose Steve Jobs in 2005 to talk to young graduands entering the job market.
Steve Jobs is one of the most celebrated inventors, businessperson, philanthropist and personality (Wilson 56). Steve is as one of the co-founders of Apple Company and computerized animation (Pixar animation). However, analyzing Steve Jobs at an academically it a different story. The quagmire of the speech at one of the most respected academic institutions is the fact he openly refers to his academic life standing at the podium. Steve’s speech is well crafted and depicts all the three elements that are necessary to capture the audience attention. Steve Jobs effectively uses irony to introduce the fact that he has never graduated by uttering the words “…This is the closest I have ever got to college graduation…” (The Apple History Channel).
Steve speech audience is composed of mostly young graduands from Stanford University. Steve Jobs understands well the level of education of his audience and goes directly to the main points in his speech. The environment and atmosphere that the audience offer Steve Jobs encourages him to continue with the speech. The audience is patient and responds well to Steve Jobs humor and emotional words. The composure of the audience implies they are eager to listen and learn new concepts. The audience responds well to Steve humor and applause him when he is for the first time.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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