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Ha Jin and James Lasdun Short Story Arguments - Essay Example

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Eileen eventually broke up with Dave when Sami demanded that she breaks up with Dave because she was also attracted to Dave. This is an evidence that Eileen…
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Ha Jin and James Lasdun Short Story Arguments
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Extract of sample "Ha Jin and James Lasdun Short Story Arguments"

Download file to see previous pages His Parakeets." It is a story about the bird Bori where a composer Fanlin was left by his actress girlfriend and was later attached to parakeet bird whom he derived inspiration. At first he did not like the bird but grew attachment to it until the bird died. He was devastated and in his attempt to re-know the bird, he revived Boris through his composition which now flow spontaneously after the death of the bird.
Support, defend, or complicate the assertion that Martin (from "The Half Sister") would be wise to marry Charmian because settling with the "monster woman" is the best thing this failed loner can do at this point of his bereft existence. 
There is a saying that misery loves company but it may not be advisable in this case if Martin already feel bereft of his existence. The Charmian is the Priestess of Broken Dreams who is more lonely than Martin and marrying her would make him more miserable. Martin did not know that it is the Charmian who lured him into her lonelier world. So it is the other way around, it would be the best thing that would happen to Charmian to marry Martin she being lonelier than him. Martin will never be happy with a chimera because a chimera is a symbol of a broken dream.
Support, defend, or complicate the assertion that Stewart (from "The Natural Order") should be praised for staying youthful, defying dreary domestic conformity, and keeping the excitement of Eros alive in his life. 
Stewart the satyr is an envy of man. He is a symbol of eternal youth and unlimited possibility. His sexual prowess is also towering. When these characteristics of Stewart is contrasted to the characteristic of the disable Martin who have no choice but to have domestic contentment because of his condition, these characteristics will naturally standout as something to be desired but cannot be entirely have because it is an exclusive domain of mythological characters such as chimera.
Lasdun’s character are not too weak and helpless to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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