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Under the multimedia section, there are different types of documents, which have different purposes. There are news releases, which focus on…
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October 14, Engineering Technical Communication Report
After considering the website of The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), a diverse range of documents was identified. Under the multimedia section, there are different types of documents, which have different purposes. There are news releases, which focus on different activities that the company has indulged in. After each major active, the company releases, media alerts, and news releases of its events. News releases are critical as they help the public gain familiarity with the company and its activities. In addition, there are transcripts and documents, which comprise of pieces of work relating to policy development of the company and its corporate social responsibility. The political opinion of different aeronautical projects is presented in depth under this section. The website has fact sheets, which reveal the company’s mission, facilities, resources, and projects. The fact sheets belong to different centers of the NASA Company (Sorby and Bulleit 56). The content of each fact sheet depends on its relevance to the specific centers in which it is placed. For example, there are documents depicting different aeronautics fact sheets and Dryden Flight Research Center. Each of the 11 centers has fact sheets, which describe its activities and projects. Moreover, the website has press kits, which contain different sets of packaged promotional materials used by the company. Administrators’ speeches are also featured in this section. Finally, the website features its budgetary plans and the reports of its achievements.
Evidently, the writing style of the documents depends on the target audience as well as the subject. Documents that focus on activities and projects are written in accordance with scholarly regulations that define writing in engineering. On the other hand, documents that target the public are written in plain language to enhance understanding. Illustrations are used in some of the documents in an effort to enhance the content covered (76). Notably, the purpose of adopting a technical communication style in the documents available in the NASA website is to ensure that scientific concepts are conveyed to the public effectively. Specialists in engineering may also benefit from the technical communication from the company.
Since I have learned several tips on technical communication, I can make efforts of writing documents that meet the exhibited standard. However, there is a need for further training and experiential learning before I can gain the expertise required to write such documents. After gaining experience in technical communication, I can be in a capacity to write better documents for the company. However, it is worth noting that the writing style exhibited in the documents is of a high ranking (98). Evidently, the documents available on the NASA website reflect positively on the company. This is because the employer makes the efforts of communicating to the public concerning projects that it is working on. The fact that it offers press release highlights that the employer is concerned about the company’s image and reputation and seeks to inform the public about different activities that the company ventures into. It is critical for an employer to communicate effectively.
Work Cited
Sorby, Sheryl A, and William M. Bulleit. An Engineers Guide to Technical Communication. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2006. Print. Read More
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Assignment1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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