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International Management Ethics and Values: Reflective Journal - Essay Example

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The idea that human actions are morally correct if those actions are means to a desirable end is popular among the masses. The focus of this ethical approach is on results instead of…
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International Management Ethics and Values: Reflective Journal
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Extract of sample "International Management Ethics and Values: Reflective Journal"

Download file to see previous pages The most famous ethical theory that argues for a result based approach in ethics is utilitarianism. The theory of Utilitarianism terms those actions ‘right’ that increase the happiness of the people and action those actions ‘wrong’ that decrease the happiness of the people (Mill, 1863, p.8). This theory has become famous not only in philosophical circles but in the populous as well. This may be due to the simplicity of utilitarianism as opposed to other philosophies that take a confounded stance on the matter of ethics. The focus of utilitarianism is on results of a particular action and this seems to be the logical way to go about when it comes to evaluation of ethical behaviour.
Ethical egoism is also an important theory that argues in favour of results based approach. It calls for actions that are in his self interests. This also weighs on the results of our actions instead of weighing on the actions themselves.
We can apply result based approach in our routine daily life as well as in the business world. People should indeed act in a manner that is beneficial for the maximum amount of people. If this rule is applied to the fullest in the society then I don’t see why happiness cannot be promoted.
Certain problems while arise when we will be applying the result based approach to our daily life. For example is it right to kill a person to promote good of the community. Also problems will come when we will be defining the word ‘good’. I may think about something is desirable for people and another person might think something else is desirable. Once I was talking my friends about charity and how I believe giving charity is not good for the poor while my friends had different opinions. This is where I think results based approach is difficult to apply in daily life.
Once my best friend’s mother called me asked where my friend was at that time. I knew he went to a party without telling his parents so at that point in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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