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Some are curable while some have been killing people for decades. Cancer is one of the diseases that has taken both doctors and researchers aback. The disease starts with abnormal growth…
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Skin cancer
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Skin cancer There are several deadly diseases that human beings are experiencing throughout theworld. Some are curable while some have been killing people for decades. Cancer is one of the diseases that has taken both doctors and researchers aback. The disease starts with abnormal growth in the cells leading to other complications such as tumors. Skin cancer remains one of the most common types of cancers and involves unrolled growth of the skin cells. Statistics prove that within the past three decades more incidences of skin cancer have been diagnosed as compared to any other cancer. This assignment will focus on signs, causes, types, stages, prevention, and treatment of skin cancer.
Sun exposure is the major cause of skin cancer (Nouri 22). It begins in the skins top layer that has been exposed to the ultraviolet (UV) radiation found in sunlight as well as in the lights used in tanning beds. There are other factors that can contribute to the disease including exposure to toxic substances or experiencing conditions that weakens the immune system. There are various signs of skin cancer ranging from pale color and unnecessary growth of skin.
Skin cancer has two main types, keratinocyte cancers and melanomas. Keratinocyte skin cancers are further divided into basal and squamous cell skin cancers. Basal skin cancer is by far the most common cancer of the skin. Both of them are often found in the skin areas that are exposed to the sun. Such as head, neck, and arms.Although they are very common but they are treatable. Furthermore, melanoma skin cancer is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. This form of skin cancer develops when unrepaired DNA damages the skin cells. An estimated 76,100 new cases of invasive melanoma have been diagnosed in the US in 2014(American cancer society). Moreover, there are other skin cancer types that are not quite critical. For example, Markel cell carcinoma, Kaposi sarcoma, Lymphoma of the skin, etc.
Success of the treatment of skin cancer depends on how early it is diagnosed. The stages of skin cancer is one of the most important factors in evaluating treatment options and through it can be identified how far the disease have spread.Mostly the staging of skin cancer depends on the type of it. There are four stages of skin cancer. During stage one, the cancer is 2cm across or less and has 1 or no high risk features. During stage two, the cancer is more than 2cm across, or has 2 or more high risk features. During stage 3 it has grown into the bones in the face, such as the jaw bone or the bone around the eye. In Stage 4 it has spread into the spine, ribs or lower part of the skull or the other parts of the body in genera.
Different ways exist for protecting oneself against skin cancer. Common complications originate from too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun or other artificial generations. Therefore, it is important to devise ways of eliminating such processes that stimulate the disease. For instance, one can apply a sunscreen to protect oneself from both UVA and UVB radiation (Lowe 222). It is also vital to seek shade under trees or use umbrellasin case of extreme sunlight. Last but importantly, any person suffering from skin cancer should seek doctor’s advice regarding medication and skin products they can use. Use of wrong oil or medication can worsen the case.
Treatments of skin cancer include dermatologic surgery which is a surgery that deals with diagnosisand treatment of medically necessary and cosmetic conditions of the skin and the purpose of this treatment is to improve the function and cosmetic appearance of skin tissue. Other treatments such as radiation therapies even exist to treat skin cancer.
Skin cancer has complicated life for both the light and dark skinned. The disease caused by different rays ranging from UV from the sun affects many people as compared to other cancer types. It can also originate from exposure to dangerous radiations. Treatment includes the use of sunscreen, staying in shades, limiting exposure and seeking relevant medication.

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