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This study, The Poems Structure, declares that a line break is a poetic tool that is used at the preceding of a line and at the end of the next line. The language of marriage has used the line breaks in the second sentence. The second poem has used the break lines in the 2nd and the 3d sentences. …
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The Poems Structure
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Line breaks
Line break is a poetic tool that is used at the preceding of a line and at the end of the next line. The language of marriage has used the line breaks in the second sentence. Also, the second poem has used the break lines in the second and the third sentences. The line breaks in the poems has brought about dynamism that inculcate the contents with strengths and different understanding to the readers.
Word choice
The word choice in both poems in both the poems is portrayed in a creative way. The words used in the poems can be well understood by a reader. Also, there is use of French words such as allezvous-en! In the marriage poem which shows the diversity of the use of words.
Literary allusions
Literary allusion is used in the first poem where contrapuntal and trills have been used to show her experiences in marriage. In the second poem cottonwoods have been used to refer to sex and this shows how the writer indirectly used her words. Literary allusions have led to the enticement of the poem to the readers.
Symbolizing is the art of using something to represent a particular item, activity or person. In The Language of Marriage poem, lap has been used to express the duration she has been in marriage. The Plague of Cottonwoods poem uses the word Cottonwoods to symbolize sex.
Rhyme being the repetition of sound in two or more words is used in the poems. It is apparent that the first poem has used the words pretention and fiction. Dactylic rhyme is evident in the second poem with the use of the words futilely and infertile.
The Language of Marriage poem has one stanza that has fourteen lines. It is evident that the lines do not necessary rhyme at the end of each sentence. The second poem has short stanzas of two to three sentences.
The sentences in the two poems are long, but they are well aligned to convey the message. Also, the sentences are a little hard to read but I enjoyed reading them. Read More
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