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Read-Aloud Project - Coursework Example

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I like reading aloud to kids because I enjoy animatedly performing different characters for them, and they always teach me something new about these characters, stories, and…
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Read-Aloud Project
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Download file to see previous pages I know this because I have observed how they read when we read in dyads before. I chose to read Peggy Parish’s (1971) Come Back, Amelia Bedelia. I selected to read only one book because it is long enough for the reading session to last for fifteen to thirty minutes, depending on the questions and comments of the kids on it. From this read-aloud experience, I learned that selecting stories is not easy because of their different interests, communication styles, and literacy skills, but some generalizations can be made through using age-appropriate criteria. I also understood that children like humorous characters and plots; they want a reader who knows how to change voices, facial expressions, and gestures; they respond openly to the reader and their peers when encouraged; and they also want characters with gender and races/ethnicities that they can relate to.
In choosing the text, I used common criteria to text selection that include reader and audience characteristics. This approach considers the interests and needs of both readers and the audience in the book. The criteria are the following: (1) I chose a book that I enjoy reading; (2) The book is something that the children have not read yet to increase their interest in it; (3) The book has a large text font that children can read even when they are a foot or two from me; (4) The book has pictures where characters have perceptible facial expressions and do a wide range of actions, and the settings have details and things that can be sources of discussions too; (5) The language is simple enough for kids to understand, while there are some challenging words that will help them learn new ones; (6) The plot can be something that these children can relate to; and (7) The story has lessons on work ethics, family bonding, and differences between idioms and literal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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