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The reason why celebrities famous 1 - Essay Example

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Some people are doing all sorts of things to appear at the top notch in the public. Actions that are presented to the public keep us baffled. However, a person doing such things sees it a normal…
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The reason why celebrities famous 1
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Extract of sample "The reason why celebrities famous 1"

Fame Introduction Fame is currently the most sought thing by everyone regardless of age in the world. Some people are doing all sorts of things to appear at the top notch in the public. Actions that are presented to the public keep us baffled. However, a person doing such things sees it a normal way of achieving fame. In the next paragraph, the paper reviews grounds for celebrity fame.
Study reveals that celebrities are fame because they use marketing strategies just like procedures use by firms to market their products. An individual who would want to be famous develops a story or engage in a particular event that is extraordinary to the society. Previously, fame was only achieved by those from royal families like Prince Charles. Research also point out that, talent and heroism was also a way of achieving the top visibility. Captain Sully Sullenberger is one of the famous heroes admired globally for landing a plane safely on the river.
Celebrities also become famous by regularly appearing in public. Talent and skills are to the main aspects that drive their fame to such people. Study reveals that such approach is known as attributed celebrity. Some of the people who have become famous using such approach are Paris Hilton. She has neither talent nor skills, but she is famous. They use social media, magazines and TV shows to spread any information about their life and so they become famous. Others who have been on the public eye earlier engage on activities that make them increase their visibility. David Beckham is a well-known celebrity who has increased his fame by participating on programs that make them more famous. However, some have tried to take shortcut or do something extraordinary to become famous. Study talks about a 6-year-old boy who was thought to have floated on air balloon. Later he was found inside the garage, the authorities realized it was makeup case to make the family famous.
In conclusion, fame or attention is that entire human race is trying to achieve at all cost. In addition, the study reveals that previous aspects such as talent and skills are not the only ways of achieving fame. People have devised other ways such as gossiping on social media. Read More
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