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Conventionally, individuals targeted being a celebrity as part of Hollywood. However, this is different as being a celebrity is via the internet…
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Due Success and Talent are not inseparable A discussion has brewed about what currently makes anyone a successful and professional celebrity; is it still via Hollywood? Conventionally, individuals targeted being a celebrity as part of Hollywood. However, this is different as being a celebrity is via the internet specifically youtube. There are others who argue that some people are just lucky to be born with precise talents and abilities. If my opinion counts, I believe that one can achieve the required skills and talent by working harder to become successful in what they want to be.
At first, talent seems to be the biggest indicator of success. Those who have it and know it rises to the top and those without or rather haven’t known it yet are always left behind. This is evident in youtube where celebrities are unveiled on a daily basis (Hirsen, para 3). Actually, this is the basic premise behind all the success stories one can see in youtube.
All individuals in Hollywood have enough claim to be labeled the title “celebrities." After all the reason, one knows they exist is because they are who they are and by that they have become successful from their performances in Hollywood. This does not take into consideration at all the people who have as much talent as them or even more. These talented people showcase their expertise via the internet. With the high usage of technology, young people have taken being a celebrity into their own hands by downloading videos into youtube so that they can share with the world, making them overnight celebrities. The audience in return enjoys the performance given by the youtube stars as they are original as compared to Hollywood stars (Hirsen, para 9).
All in all, the article written by Hirsen clearly shows that the trending celebrities are youtube stars. They are mostly teenagers. These stars employ the aspect of talent into amusing individuals. Clearly, this shows that success and talent are facets that are not worlds apart, rather linked.
Work cited
Hirsen, James. "YouTube Stars Outshine Hollywood." Newsmax. N.p., 11 Aug. 2014. Web. 1
Oct. 2014. . Read More
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The Reason Why Celebrities Famous 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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