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Iran’s repudiation towards possession of mass destruction and the claim that they had stopped producing them is a lie according to Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister. The Obama’s administration dream of ending nuclear proliferation in the Middle East is especially…
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Irans nuclear development would eventually lead to a war
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Iran’s Nuclear Development Iran’s repudiation towards possession of mass destruction and the claim that they had stopped producing them is a lie according to Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister. The Obama’s administration dream of ending nuclear proliferation in the Middle East is especially challenged by the production of nuclear weapons in Iran. The neighbors of Iran, Israel, also risk being wiped out if the said nuclear weapons are created by Iran. Though they are going to discuss it in the United States, Netanyahu still believes that Iran is using diplomatic openings to cover up what is happening there.
Iran’s nuclear development would eventually lead to war. The main issue, however, will be that the war could become a regional war in hours (White, 57). For those that have served in theoretical weaponry strategy and design, a war could be coming. Israel or the United States or an embargo from the world organizations will launch a war in Iran in search of the weapons of mass destruction. Iran, on the other hand, will however not allow the enemy forces to attack without a major response forcing the other side to counter attack an even more harshly.
If an ultimatum is reached peacefully, however, Iran would prove of having no such weapons and therefore there would be no war. This, however, depends on the agreement the leaders reach in their closed meeting and if Iran is proven to be developing nuclear weapons, then a war would be inevitable.
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