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Does North Korea truly desire war with the U.S - Research Paper Example

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Does North Korea Truly Desire War with the United States? Pros and Cons PROS: 1. Given the long history of tense hostility between the two countries, as well as North Korea’s failed attempt at conquering the southern part of the peninsula in 1950, going to war with the US would be considered an opportunity to get historical revenge…
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Does North Korea truly desire war with the U.S
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"Does North Korea truly desire war with the U.S"

Download file to see previous pages 4. Ever since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, North Korea has suffered the consequences of dire economic straits2, which, in turn, would most likely lead to the collapse of its totalitarian government; hence directing the tensions outwards would prevent such an event. 5. The apparent development of nuclear devices and the ballistic missile tests, both accompanied by menacing rhetoric and unyielding behavior3, seemingly speak of North Korea’s intention of going to war with the US. CONS: 1. Despite decades of isolation and obviously overestimating the strength of its armed forces, Pyongyang is well aware of the risks of eventual war against the US; moreover, it’s not that clear whether North Korea actually possesses a deliverable weapon4. 2. It’s pretty unlikely that North Korea’s establishment, most notably the dictator, Kim Jong Un, will risk everything in a destructive armed conflict with the US. 3. The threat of nuclear and ballistic missiles tests proved to be a very effective maneuver so far5. 4. China’s patience is about to come to an end, which would adversely affect the Sino-DPRK alliance6. 5. What the regime in Pyongyang is really aiming for is its own survival, i.e. ...
Eventually, China’s intervention and the overwhelming American naval and aerial superiority brought the war to a stalemate, which, in turn, made both sides to go to the negotiation table8. On the one hand, the present-day North Korean regime – personified by Kim Jong Un – seemingly based on precedents from the 1950 war which didn’t turn fatal for their predecessors, and encouraged by the size of the contemporary North Korean armed forces, might seek a historical revenge. Obama administration’s policy of restrained pressure in regard to saber-rattling regimes, like North Korea and Iran, is probably considered a weakness, which would also boost Kim Jong Un’s desire, if any, to strike the US. On the other hand, Pyongyang is well aware that the regime would pay the price if embarked on such an adventure; as well as should be able to understand the difference between the American military capabilities and those of their own. Somewhere at that point of the equation appears the people’s perception of war in both countries, hence the number of eventual casualties that the general public would swallow; which, in turn, would make the war no option for the American public opinion. An act of aggression, however, changes the whole equation; therefore, the regime in Pyongyang probably takes into consideration that could not stake on this card. In case of war between North Korea and the US, Pyongyang would understandably hope for Chinese support, just as in the 1950s; moreover, Beijing’s assistance is currently of vital importance for the North Korean regime. China, for example, goes to great lengths to ameliorate the effects of the extreme UN sanctions on North ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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