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: Boyz N The Hood - Movie Review Example

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The report "Movie Review: Boyz n the Hood" is an analysis of the famous movie "Boyz n the Hood" which was released in 1991. The analysis also looks into the importance of gentrification, the influence of role models in urban slums and the amount violence which has been shown in the movie…
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Movie Review: Boyz N The Hood
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Download file to see previous pages The parents, on the other hand, tried to ensure that they stay away from all these and lead a healthy lifestyle so that they can become responsible citizens in future. The environment of a ghetto is a mixed atmosphere altogether. We get to see everything in the movie. The central character of the film, Tres is a smart person but even he is curious about the things that happen in the hood. Being a kid, he has heard many issues related to sex, drugs and killings and these things have always intrigued him in some way or the other. However, it is up to him to take up the good things or get involved in the bad things in the neighborhood. In a nutshell, the youth environment in the movie has everything to offer and it is up to the viewer to understand and accept the things that interest them.
When it comes to the importance of education portrayed in the movie, we can see that education has been shown in the movie through the life of Tres as he grows up in the neighborhood. Tres' father also teaches him the importance of education by discussing the term called gentrification. So, it shows that only a person who has had a proper education has the knowledge of these important concepts which is important for the survival of the neighborhood at large. Thus, the movie gives up a practical outlook on the realities of life and that is the reason why Boyz n the Hood is still relevant as a movie in spite of it being made more than 20 years back. The director has very skillfully portrayed all the aspects of life through this movie. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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