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Nazi Past Legacy in Post-War Germany - Movie Review Example

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This paper “Nazi Past Legacy in Post-War Germany” will explore the manner in which German, Year Zero represents the legacy of the Nazi past in Post-War Germany and what the film suggests is the consequences of that legacy in the country. The film German, Year Zero represents the legacy of the Nazi past…
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Nazi Past Legacy in Post-War Germany
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Download file to see previous pages The first post-war generation of Germans in post-war Germany inevitably suffered critical trauma, as a result of the negative identity and burdened memory of the Nazi past legacy. Consequently, gripped by a generalized feeling of guilt, the people were afraid of unraveling the truth about their past and possible contribution to the atrocious crimes of Nazism. State discussions in the few years following the end of the war were focused on the issue of guilt; people were still attempting to come to terms with what had happened and were basically divided on whether to accept the burden of guilt liking the past to the present or to simply forget it and move on. Evidently, director Rossellini’s unsympathetic confrontation with the past in the film Germany Zero Year did not go down well with the Italian audiences, most of who were still struggling to put the Nazism memory behind them and to move on.
Ominously, Edmund’s own family is torn between his anti-Nazi father and his pro-Nazi older brother while his sister’s politics are blatantly ignored; the divisions in Edmund’s own family cut across the fabric of the entire Germany society, which was still torn on how to deal with the Nazi past legacy. Experiencing the film, one hardly ever gets the feeling that the director is restraining his compassion to moral allies; at worst, one is more likely to overthink the motivations for Edmund to poison his anti-Nazism father, after encountering his pro-Nazism ex-teacher. The film’s title offers a subjective vision of a documentary fact, that is, not just a city and a population reduced to chaos, but also a terrain leveled both spiritually and morally (Rosenbaum, 2013). Precisely, the film depicts post-war Berlin as a place to build and entrusts that responsibility to the emerging young post-war generation, even though it does not necessarily specify what is to be built there. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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