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Compare/contrast schools, from the BOOK ( I Am Malala ) - Essay Example

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The world is currently undergoing significant changes; socially, technologically, and economically, all attributed to constant learning and education. Education provides opportunities for…
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Compare/contrast schools, from the BOOK ( I Am Malala )
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Download file to see previous pages Girl child education is indeed an import part of every society in every generation. Based on such a consideration, this paper determines the similarities and differences between schools, educational opportunities, and literacy in Pakistan with those in Tennessee, in the US.
Education in Pakistan portrays a desperate situation especially for the girls, whose illiteracy levels that seem to increase significantly by day. Girl education remains an important resource for every nation be it developed or in the process (Yousafzai and McCormick 94). Despite the fact that many criticize girl child education, it remains the single most profitable investment especially for the developing nations with the highest possible returns. The high illiteracy levels in Pakistan especially for the girls, is indeed the greatest contributing factor towards the increased poverty levels. Schools in Pakistan like those in Tennessee, US, put little emphasis on girl child education, despite its importance in developing today’s societies. Most people in both Pakistan and Tennessee, in the US, believe that girls are the weaker gender, and therefore of less importance towards the development of the society (Robert 52). Based on such a perspective, girl child is given little concern on matters pertaining to education, which, contrary to their beliefs, is the greatest investment opportunity into which any developing society could venture (Yousafzai and McCormick 48).
Pakistan provides very limited learning opportunities for the female gender; a similar occurrence observed with Tennessee, in the US. However, despite the limited educational opportunities by schools in Pakistan and University of Tennessee at Martin, US, it is clear that the two lack either gender or racial discrimination as common to many learning institutions. Such a distinctive feature is significantly important in providing equal learning ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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