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Loyality - Essay Example

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Watching other Americans and how they carried themselves made her realize that she hated them for everything they stood for. However, she finally came to the understanding that the residents in…
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Extract of sample "Loyality"

Download file to see previous pages Most of us often go through life oblivious of what goes on in other states enjoying the bliss of life. We depend on the media to give us a picture of what life is like, despite the fact that in most cases it often fails to depict the real picture. We make so many assumptions without even the least bit of information that can easily help us base our judgments. Racism and economic inequality is a reality that has been in the society for years, despite the fact that most people fail to acknowledge it. All it takes is a simple look around us to finally see the reality of what exists. Most people base their judgments on what they hear and rarely ever do so based on their experience.
In her essay, she talks about the “white trash” she comes across in Mexico. In spite of the fact that she was an American herself, she felt like she was better than them simply because they acted differently than her. She tries to call the reader’s attention to things so inherent that they have become imperceptible to us, such as our assumptions on race. She states “In the United States, it is very easy for me to forget that the people around me are my people. It is easy, with all our divisions, to think of myself as an outsider in my own country.” (Biss, 93). Although in her country she could easily separate herself from others and act like she was better than others, while in Mexico she finally got to see herself from other people’s perspective. She used to pride herself in the fact that she was better simply because she was a well refined woman from a good background with good education.
The US has always been regarded as a land that holds better promises which is why most immigrants are so quick to try and sneak in hoping to find a better life than what they have left behind. To most people’s surprise, life is not any better ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Loyality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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