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The Ethics of Poor Tourism - Term Paper Example

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In this paper, the author demonstrates why slum tourism evolves rapidly and is practiced widely in the world and gains the attention of scholars and the tourism industry. Also, the author describes why it raises controversy between tourism and poverty alleviation, exploitation and ethics…
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The Ethics of Poor Tourism
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Download file to see previous pages In the slum, setting there is nothing that is called garbage. Everyone in the slum wants a better life, Critics argue out the slums are exploitative, and they do not have a place in ethical travelers` itinerary. Professor David Fennell, at Brock University in Ontario, questioned the fact that the tourists visit places to take pictures and observe the lifestyles of the slum residents. He believes that the main purpose of slum tourism is to make the westerners feel better about their lifestyle in comparison to the slum habitats. They feel lucky in their life situation in comparison to them. However, the proponents of slum tourism argue that ignoring poverty will not take it away. Slum tourism helps them to understand what poverty means. The big issue is how to conduct it (The New York Times, 2008)
There conceptual ambiguity in slum tourism is based on a failure to set specific goals of tourism. The exact thing that attracts people during the tour in the slums and favelas is not precisely known (Manfred, p. 421). The use of poverty tourism indicates that poverty is the reason for the visits. The critiques argue that tours on the human wretchedness, infirmity, and unworthy living conditions should not be termed as a tourist attraction aspect. This issue has been largely fuelled by the mass media who present the pictures of such conditions. However, the proponents suggest that the word poverty tourism demonstrates the anticipated situation that propels them to go to slums (Eveline & Rivke, p 114.)
Many organizers of slum tourism encourage active role-playing of the participants aimed at helping the residents. A church group in Mexico runs a tour of local garbage dumps where the scavengers collect trash to earn a living. In the tour, they make sandwiches and provide water in bottles for the scavenger. The slum tours are aimed at helping the local. The vast majority of individuals in the slum tours feel that the tours are safe. Mexico City and Kingston are known for their violent and criminal reputations. The places receive troops of tourists from paradise (Manfred, p. 422). The number is however undermined because of the feeling that the countries are unsafe for some of the tourists. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Ethics of Poor Tourism Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 1.
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