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Inquiry letter - Assignment Example

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As a student in a technical writing course at Indiana State University, I am writing to request information on my term report topic: Ham production at the Parma PDO Ham Sector. Could you send me printed materials on the following questions?
2. What facilitates the large…
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Inquiry letter
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Extract of sample "Inquiry letter"

Address One Address Two ATTENTION: PARMA PDO HAM SECTOR As a in a technical writing at Indiana I am writing to request information on my term report topic: Ham production at the Parma PDO Ham Sector. Could you send me printed materials on the following questions?
1. What are the general characteristics of the Parma PDO Ham Sector in Italy? What is the company’s core product and how is it sourced? What are the regulations and provisions under its production?
2. What facilitates the large production of ham by the overall sector? Does the sector seek assistance from elsewhere so as to increase the quantity produced annually? What is the main source of capital for the firms?
3. What core difficulties does the Parma Sector experience as a result of ham production? What initiatives do the firms put into place to counter the challenges? Do they initiatives fully counter the challenges?
4. What leads to either the failure or success of firms in the Parma PDO Ham Sector? What tactics and methods are used to determine whether a firm has failed or succeeded in a particular year? How does the sector’s management ensure that the firms with debts pay them?
5. What characteristics place a firm in the SMEs category of the Parma PDO Ham Sector? What provisions are put in place to ensure that a SME does not go bankrupt? Does the sector have a limitation on the number of firms involved?
6. What is the comparison between the profit margins and the financial margins? Are there statistically significant differences? What approaches are applied to calculate the Interest Coverage Ratios (ICRs)? Are there any similarities between the traditional and non-traditional Interest coverage Ratios (ICRs)?
7. What is the Evaluation of conveniences? What does the evaluation of conveniences aim at? What principles of accounting are used to evaluate convenience and how does it apply?
8. How is the general equation of the balance sheet in the Parma PDO Ham Sector expressed? Which factors and results are compared in the sector’s balance sheet? Which specific intermediate profit margins are applied as variables and why?
9. What strategies doe the Parma PDO Ham Sector put into place to ensure that firms can differentiate in the production and at the same time raise the sales? What demerits come with these strategies? Are there any characteristics that have the effect of increasing the capital needs?
10. Are there any characteristics of production and investment applied by the sector that affect the capital structure? What are the large amounts of capital required by the firms for? Is there any correlation between economic and financial margins? If yes, what is the main cause of the correlation? If No, what strategies do you apply to avoid this
11. Do the Parma PDO Ham processing firms often have difficulties paying interest charges and distributing dividends? What is the analysis of the relationship between the sector firms and the banks? Are there any difficulties in the sustainability of the financial management cycle for some firms?
Please rush me any materials you can on Parma PDO Ham Sector, as my report is due on September. Thank you for the assistance Read More
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