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People reacted in both positive and negative ways, and he gained popularity to the extent of being mentioned in the fox television (Cole 211). Some people called him…
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Basic summary of the essay
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Essay summary Over a week ago, the watched the Kony video and later wrote a response and posted it in a twitter account. People reacted in both positive and negative ways, and he gained popularity to the extent of being mentioned in the fox television (Cole 211). Some people called him a racist and others a Mau-Mau while others like the Atlantic writer agreed with my broader points. He had written the tweets in an infrequently used language with the aim of scoring high points and overcome the effect created by the US over marginalized groups. The writer neutered his language on the tweet so as to create attention.
The issue was discussed on a certain radio station where some comments given by Kristof raised concerns from the Uganda government. He believes that Kristof is not racists and has is good-hearted but he does not see the need to reason out the needs of other people. The writer is who is African but living in America says he is often criticized of American racism due the comments he makes. The writer is not happy with the way the Africans issue is treated by Americans, and he believes that they receive very little attention. He says that the Uganda people have done much to improve them-selves and hence should be helped in creating a good economy rather that been criticized (Cole 217). The writer describes the cases in Nigeria and Egypt to show how Africans are treated by the Americans. He appreciates how some people on social media are using that platform to change the world
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Cole, Teju. "Communication and technology." The write savior industrial complex (2012): 210-217. Print. 8 Mar. 2012. Read More
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Basic Summary of the Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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