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Forging Past English 22 - Essay Example

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This paper contains a personal view of the author on forging past English 22. This semester he engaged with English 22, that provided a lot of insight in various English skills as provided in the student learning outcomes. The subject has facilitated an understanding and practice of several skills. …
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Download file to see previous pages This author stresses that summarizing or a given type of work was a key learning outcome that h has been able to achieve through this semester’s work. Developing summaries begins when reading a particular text. In class, he described it as a ‘brief piece of writing that presents the main ideas of a reading in own words’. Further, through summary writing of the clip Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage: An Introduction, he successfully wrote a coherent and systematic brief summary that helped me to use the skills learn in class.
This author makes a conclusion that conducting library research was also a major aspect that he learnt this semester. he learnt about sourcing for relevant content from diverse sources that could help when writing an essay or any other research work. In particular, he developed the skill of gathering information from multiple sources, summarizing the information obtained as well as developing a coherent write-up based on all the information gathered. it is clear that most of the learning objectives for this semester as far as English 22 were successfully met. The ability to read effectively and objectively, conducting a research based on several sources, developing a writing plan as well as developing systematic and coherent content was a major contributor to the realization of the learning objectives. He has learnt that learning is a continuous process that requires constant interaction with information while doing a lot of practice in order to perfect the art. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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