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The paper "People Like Us – David Brook" analyzes David Brooks essay ‘People Like Us. According to his essay, humans associate and interact with others who are similar to them. In most cases, they find it comfortable as compared to otherwise and by so doing a virtual boundary is created…
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People Like Us David Brook
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Download file to see previous pages In essence, Brooks was referring to the depraved reputation Democrats hold against Republicans, who presumably engage in drug abuse, driving pickup trucks made by American companies and often own guns, which they use during their violent acts. Through mentioning tobacco and gun racks to the audience, who are the readers of this article, Brooks engages them emotionally and clarifies the point of homogeneity.He emphatically employs the use of symbolism and simile rhetorical strategies in an interesting manner to drive his point effectively. Owning of pickup trucks symbolizes the loyalty of a person to America, as it is the case with Republicans, and by likening living in Great Falls, Virginia to forcing the Democratic lawyer’s kid into tobacco smoking and compelling her to own guns, emotions are evoked to the reader through the smile.It is easy to evoke emotions in the reader by supporting assertions with quality evidence; Brooks talks about the manner in which people are aiding in creating homogeneity, despite its ill motives, and gives quality evidence on this issue.In his bid to show how people do not care about diversity in the US, Brooks uses several examples of firms, institutions and even suggests the use of the Bell Curve. It is interesting that he uses examples that are widely known and the audience, which of constitute readers, can relate to them without difficulty. When the audience is familiar with what the author is giving as evidence for a given assertion, emotions are evoked. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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