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A Child Called It by David Pelzer - Book Report/Review Example

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A Child Called It accounts for the terrible abuse experienced by David Pelzer during his childhood.In spite of the abuses and sufferings the initial days of the childhood portrayed in the story reflect the glimpse of the perfect childhood days which most of the children live…
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A Child Called It by David Pelzer
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Extract of sample "A Child Called It by David Pelzer"

Download file to see previous pages The book tells readers that David is born in a perfect family and received the love and care from both mother and father. David has also two brothers; his family exists in peace and bliss. However, pretty soon David’s good times come to an end and he starts experiencing the brutal tortures from his own mother. Though it has not been made clear regarding the reason of torture which David faced, but his mother, probably, suffers from the mental alienation which causes her the frustration. The frustration of his mother starts changing David’s life. The punishment of her mother changes from verbal to mental and physical abuse. The physical appearance of David’s mother also changes considerably and her appearance becomes quite rough and unhappy and she will keep on yelling at the children and carry on with her anguish against David. David starts living in the basement of his house and he is also not provided with any food on a regular basis and has to go through the trash cans in the house in search for food. Apart from feeding David poorly, his mother also increases the physical torture over her son. David’s condition further deteriorates at time when his father travels outside to do his job. Such situations back at home make David realize that he is not wanted in the family. David is also kept apart from various family activities and holiday events and is not given with any Christmas gifts. David’s school life is also not encouraging. David hardly has any friends and is mocked by the rest of students in the class. The other students also hide their food form David when they realize that David is in search for food, David is isolated from the rest of the student’s section and does not have peace at any place. Towards the end of the story the writer narrates about the incidents which finally set David free from his torturous life when he becomes blessed with a better life, free from all sorts of abuse. The story comes to an end with the depiction of the relationship full of love and care which David shares with his son expressing his pride of being a father. David’s Family: In the story David refers to his mother both as “mother” and “mom”. In most of the story, when David experiences the brutality, pain and sufferings from his own mother, the character of hers is referred to as mother. However, towards the end of the story the author narrates that sudden change in the behavior of his mother is noticed on some particular day and she begs to forgive her for all her cruel actions which she has carried on with David all the time. David suddenly observes that his mother is repenting and finds the love in her eyes which has been missing for so many days. This entire scenario makes David feel happy and he feels that his bad times are over. The sudden joy within him makes his heart feel a sense of freedom and during the depiction of the changed behavior of David’s mother she has been referred to as mom. Referring to the same character as “mother” and “mom” reflects the changed nature and behavior of the lady. Mother to David is a cruel character who tortures him to the extreme both physically and mentally whereas the term “mom” is associated with senses of affection and love which a child harnesses from a mother. When David’s mother turns out to be his “mom” she allows David to bath properly and wear the clothes which he received last Christmas. David’s “mom” also takes him to a grocery store and purchases toys for him; he is allowed to eat along with his family on dinner time (Pelzer 19-23). However, the changed attitude of David’s mother becomes clear soon, the very next day, as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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