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Israel and the Middle East, Jerusalem center for public affairs - Research Paper Example

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Sitting in the Egyptian library is a young man in his mid-twenties who is busy reading a book on the historic development in the Middle East took place over time and which transformed the ancient Canaan into Palestine under the Ottoman rule and then the arrival of the British. …
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Israel and the Middle East, Jerusalem center for public affairs
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"Israel and the Middle East, Jerusalem center for public affairs"

Download file to see previous pages Not if it is your own history; remarked Abdullah and continued saying; and you have a brother lost in it. Oh, I am sorry to hear about your bother, I have lost quite a number of my friends and family members and I know how it feels like. But what history are your reading? Asked Paul. Well, it is the history of Palestine and Israel. So, you must be a Palestinian. Not, Exactly, My father is from Palestine but my mother is Egyptian, I was born and grew old in Egypt. Now, my father wants me to leave for Palestine and lay my life for Jehad, which I do not understand why is going on. All the bloodshed and the stories of war have always intrigued me to find out what actually is going on, why are people fighting over a small piece of land when they both can live peacefully. Paul has understood the point and with a small smile asked; what is your name? Abdullah. Listen Abdullah, It is not just a matter of land between the Israelis and the Palestinians. It is all about religion, it is about legacy and it is about home, not for one but for both sides. How long have you been reading the book? About two hours. And what did you read? Not much, all the stories that I have heard and what I see in the news channels and what I have read in the book may seem easy to read and listen to, but not that easy to digest. It all becomes contradicting. Everyone seems to be on the right side of the gun and then everyone seems to be doing wrong. It is all mixed up. I do not know why exactly did my brother die. Was it for right or just a waste of life. Hmmm…. Tell me what you have read and what you know then I might be able to help clear up the confusion you are having, Paul said. Well, first of all the Jews lived in this region, then the region was over taken by the Muslims under whom the...
The Jews did not ask the Muslims to leave at first, but after the war, the Muslims were rioting all the places, the Jews had not other choice other then ask them to leave, Commented David. What do you think is the solution to all the blood shed that is going on now in these states. There are lives on both sides that are being wasted, asked Abdullah. The solution my friends lie in the commitment to mutual peace. Both sides have to come to common terms and conclude peace and that is only in the forms of accepting the recommendations of the UN. But both sides are adamant on wanting the complete land which I believe is not ever possible. The result will be that the blood shed will continue on the both sides. Until and unless both the communities do not talk on the humanitarian basis this, all will remain for the next generations to suffer. The only way out is speaking above religion, above ego and above nationalism and the peace will prevail. It is not what I feel, it is what I have seen, concluded Paul. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Israel and the Middle East, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs Research Paper.
“Israel and the Middle East, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs Research Paper”, n.d.
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Israel and The Middle East
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