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The Culture of the Israel People And Historical Back Ground of the Socio-cultural Setting of the Value, Norms And Religious Belief of Israel People - Essay Example

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This paper talks about the modern Israeli culture which have evolved from many factors like four thousand years of Jewish inheritance, more than 100 years of political Zionism and 50 years of contemporary statehood which mirrors global cultural elements…
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The Culture of the Israel People And Historical Back Ground of the Socio-cultural Setting of the Value, Norms And Religious Belief of Israel People
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Extract of sample "The Culture of the Israel People And Historical Back Ground of the Socio-cultural Setting of the Value, Norms And Religious Belief of Israel People"

Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that major work of art orchestras, comprising the widely known and acclaimed Israel’s Philharmonic Orchestra, choirs, an opera company and number of chamber ensembles present all over the country. Expert dance groups, plus folk dance troupes, perform on a regular basis before excited spectators. The connection linking the country's past and present is validated through several recorded archeological spots, symbolizing thousands of years of history.
This paper makes a conclusion that in the Middle East region little political change had taken place since last three decades. As a matter of fact the governments of the Middle East had shown an outstanding stability. Apart from Islamic revolution in Iran and a military takeover in Sudan in 1989, the region had been steady. Almost all heads of state had been ruling for long period. Iran, the only nation in the region underwent a revolution in the past 25 years, passed on the power to new leaders through elections. Assassinations in Egypt and Israel caused in new leaders but did not alter the basic political arrangement in those countries. It is clear the Western cultural had influence in the Middle East especially in Israel. The socio cultural setting of Israel has lot of diversities because of emigration of Jews from various countries. In conclusion one can say that the modern nation of Israel evolved as a result of facing constant struggles and challenges. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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