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Group World Culture - Essay Example

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It borders Syria, West Bank, Lebanon, Jordan, Gaza Strip, and Egypt. The country covers a total area of 20,770 square kilometers. In 2000, the population of Israel stood at over five million (Torstrick, 2004). Over the years, Israel has…
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Group World Culture Essay
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Download file to see previous pages There are two official languages in Israel, Hebrew, the biblical language and Arabic. The two languages are written from right to left. Less than half a century ago, the Hebrew language faced extinction as it was considered as a language to be used only for prayers. The Hebrew language was revived through the efforts of a Lithuanian known as Eliezer ben Yehuda. The two languages, Hebrew and Arabic, are taught in schools. Israel is a multilingual country with people from over 120 countries across the world living in the country. Good English is spoken virtually by everyone in Israel. Other languages that are used include Russian, French, Spanish, Yiddish and ten other dialects. Highways and street signs are usually in English, Hebrew, and Arabic. There are many newspapers, journals and magazines published in English. (Torstrick, 2004)
Approximately 79% of is Israel’s population belong to Jewish religion. Other religions are Islam (15%) and Christianity (2.5%). There are also other minor religions. Despite the different ethnic and religion affiliation, Israel is a democratic country that allows freedom of worship and other democratic rights to all its citizens. However, there exist division among Jews who define themselves as either secular (hiloni), ultra –orthodox (haredim), modern orthodox (dati-leumi), and traditional (masorati).Tension exist between the religious and secular Jews. Secular Jews differ with rabbinical principles which influence some of their life aspects whereas the ultra-Orthodox Jews advocate more incorporation of Jewish traditions and law in the countrys law. There has also been mild tension between the Arabs who are Muslim and the Christians. The government funds all non-Jewish religions, mainly Christianity and Islam and the groups coexist peacefully. (, 2014)
Israel is a Jewish state, and the Jewish holidays make part of the national calendar. Sabbath day that is the Jewish ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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